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the p o r p h y r i a blog

Look's like this may be my hotel real soon ...

My hospital

In case you can't tell, I'm still sick. Not only is my Porphyria acting up, but I'm retaining water around my feet, ankles and in my legs so bad that I can hardly walk. I'm on Lasix for that. But the scary part is they believe it may be my heart causing this. Tests have been done. We're just waiting for the results.

So add heart problems to my Porphyria !

Top that off with Diabetes has attacked my eyes, and I'm now wearing glasses for the first time. This sux.

And today, I am going to a pain management specialist to get some help on this back problem, the Porphyria pain that has entered my life (this is rather unique to me), and the P.N. in my legs.

I'm falling apart.

Merry Bah-Humbug Christmas !

-- Brent

PS. Thanks everybody for posting comments. Bad eyes and all, I can still read. And they are much appreciated!

I will try to update later today or on Tuesday Dec 2nd.